The Kinky Macrocosm.

Hello. I'm Jacey. I was born 14 years ago. Photography is my inspiration. Please mind my ludicrous blog. Enjoy.

bowling night part 1 🎳 #IWonFirstRoundYay #NVanClingyFam #iloveFAM (at North Shore Bowling)
and kiss me underneath the moonlight. Darling, let me trace the lines on your tattooed heart. #FavouriteSongFromYoursTruly
#MyEverything is My Everything. 🙊
#Arianator 💜💜💜
🌈 la la la 🌈  (at Trans Canada Highway)
Fun day today (at Ikea, Coquitlam BC)
Praise God for today! This Saturday has been blessed (even if I did not get much sleep) because we got to feed the homeless people with PB&J sandwiches (thanks to Pauline and Jess for making them)! Thank you Lord for bringing us together to serve You! #Blessed  (at Downtown Vancouver)
Yay for hanging out with new people (and old) #pG
Lemon Green Tea ice cream cookie sandwich. I miss this already. 💚 #throwback #whyismyhandsodark
One more time before leaving…😭😭😭 gonna miss this place  (at In-N-Out Burger - San Francisco)
chillin at my fave candy factory ✖️🍬➰ (at Jelly Belly Factory)