The Kinky Macrocosm.

Hello. I'm Jacey. I was born 14 years ago. Photography is my inspiration. Please mind my ludicrous blog. Enjoy.

happy #nationalcoffeeday ☕️ (at Starbucks Canada)
hello @_alyanaangeles …
k bye. 

just wanted to say Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day today! Your wish of school to come back came true so yay! More blessings to come!
Hope you had a blast!!  

#ShesClingy (at Town N Country Bowl)
bowling squad 🎳 (at Town N Country Bowl)
bowling night part 1 🎳 #IWonFirstRoundYay #NVanClingyFam #iloveFAM (at North Shore Bowling)
and kiss me underneath the moonlight. Darling, let me trace the lines on your tattooed heart. #FavouriteSongFromYoursTruly
#MyEverything is My Everything. 🙊
#Arianator 💜💜💜
🌈 la la la 🌈  (at Trans Canada Highway)
Fun day today (at Ikea, Coquitlam BC)
Praise God for today! This Saturday has been blessed (even if I did not get much sleep) because we got to feed the homeless people with PB&J sandwiches (thanks to Pauline and Jess for making them)! Thank you Lord for bringing us together to serve You! #Blessed  (at Downtown Vancouver)
Yay for hanging out with new people (and old) #pG